Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to Miss a Childhood

I read this today and it really hit home. I have stopped using my phone as often as I use to but I still am on it more than I would like to be. I could just burst into tears right now. I don't want to miss a single moment in this beautiful life I have with my daughter. I am attempting a semi hands free mom approach. Only during naps or after bedtime will I look at my phone, answer texts or check Facebook. Why is it that we are so addicted to our technology? I hate to admit that I am, but admitting it is a step in the right direction. I will change, today. Will you vow to change?


  1. Don't let that post make you feel bad. The overall message is good, but the examples are so extreme, I doubt they apply to most parents. Yelling at your kid who wants to play because you're busy playing a game on your phone? Ignoring your kid and wherever you happen to be (e.g. the zoo) because your phone is more interesting? Looking at your phone the whole time you're at your child's sporting event? Neglecting to tuck your child in, or always talking on the phone without even saying hello or goodbye when your kid gets in the car? If people really do that, they are probably missing a lot more than their kid's childhood. Those people are addicted and need help. Sounds like Angelica's mom on Rugrats and not any parent I know in real life.

  2. I know all of these aren't me, but I am on my phone a lot. I do know parents like these. When I worked at the day care on base there were parents that would have the hands free earpiece for their phone and I would think they were talking to me but they were having a conversation on the phone and ignoring their kids. It is so sad, I do like this concept though and I want to be able to fully enjoy Adrianna without distraction. That is why I want to do a semi-hands free vow. The Facebook one hit home for sure. This woman's whole blog is very inspiring. There are so many moms that I see while out with Adrianna that have their faces buried in their happens more than you think.