Monday, April 22, 2013

Look how far I've come

When I think back to the losses we experienced last year, I still can't believe I have made it through all of that with my sanity almost intact. Sure my anxiety is through the roof some days, but we all have bad days. What is even more amazing is that I am 30 weeks into this pregnancy with the twins. I couldn't be more thankful for this gift God has given me and my little family. I know it has been quite a while since I have blogged, but I haven't had much happen that is blog worthy really. Which is a good thing, this pregnancy has been fairly uneventful with a few tiny hiccups here and there.

At around 23 weeks or so, I started having Braxton Hicks contractions (non painful false contractions). With each one I had, my heart felt like it would beat very fast. I called the OB, thinking she would just tell me to drink extra water or something but she sent me to get a STAT EKG at the emergency room! Talk about scary! It ended up being nothing and I had no contractions that were being read on the monitor so I was sent home.

26 weeks rolled around and I was still having BH pretty frequently, except this time they came with a pain in the pit of my stomach. It was strange so I called the OB again and was sent to L&D. The contractions were not even registering on the monitor which was a good thing. It ended up I had a horrible UTI, who knew that pain felt like painful contractions ? So after 2 antibiotics, a yeast infection due to said antibiotics (being a girl is rough, and disgusting) and endless amounts of water I finally am UTI free. I still get BH pretty frequently and some are painful! A different kind of painful though, more like tightening pain and cramping which is normal at this stage of pregnancy with twins. Apparently my uterus is irritable. Sounds great.

My 28 week checkup, just like every other check up, starts with BP and urine sample. Then my OB checks the heart rates of the babies and measures my uterus....which at 28 weeks measured in at a whopping 40 weeks. So I am measuring as if I were full term. At 28 weeks. WTF am I going to measure at when I am 33 or 34 weeks, 48 weeks? Is that even possible? I don't want to know. I am 4'11 and have gained like 26 lbs so far. I have no shame in my weight anymore, I am weighing in at 187.5 lbs. I'm sure I will see close to 200 before I give birth. I can't even imagine. In between UTI, peeing every time I sneeze, peeing 20,000 times a day and the dreaded H word most women experience while pregnant (yes hemorrhoids  I don't even give a shit that you know that about's that for no filter) revealing that I am 187 lbs doesn't even phase me. Pregnancy is beautiful, and disgusting. I can write more on that after I give birth...did I mention baby B is breech? Thaaats right, I get to be cut open like a friggen science project and have two babies yanked out of my stomach while trying not to pull out one of my organs along with it.

30 weeks today, eviction date is June 19th. It can't come fast enough! Today baby A had low fluid and was measuring a little smaller than her sister, but they are both still healthy. Baby A is 2 lbs 5 oz and baby B is 2 lbs 11 oz. They are busy kicking my bladder, hiding under my ribs and I am pretty sure baby B is trying to poke her feet out of my vagina she kicks my nether regions so hard. If in a year I say I miss being pregnant and want to have another one, remind me how much I love wine and  punch me in the stomach so I remember the pain I am in right now with these babies constantly beating up my insides. Please and thank you.

9 weeks
Very large at 29 weeks 5 days