Sunday, January 8, 2012

After the Holidays

What a crazy busy few months! I don't think I have posted anything since Thanksgiving, but we have just been so busy here lately that I can't find the time! Adrianna has changed so much in a few short months it is almost unbelieveable. She has grown in height, she is about 30 inches (will know exact stats at her 18 month checkup) tall which puts her at around 15th percentile, she weighs roughly 20 lbs....maybe just shy of 20....which puts her around 10th percentile and her head circumference is at the 55th percentile (forgot actual measurements). She is such a toddler now as well! She has a word bank of over 25 that she can say without repeating what I say first which I am so proud of. I read to her every day and talk to her constantly in hopes that she doesn't fall behind in speech development.....I still worry that she is a little behind but I know I just need to give it time. She makes us laugh all the time! Newest funny thing, she cooks for me! In her play kitchen she will pretend cook and shove the spoon in my face for me to eat it. She yells at me and says "no!" when I don't eat it. Not an accurate representation of how I feed her....not even close lol! Makes me wonder if that is how she feels though....hmmm. It does crack me up every time though. Another funny thing, she LOVES the song "red solo cup." She will get up and just dance like crazy....hilarious!

Besides being busy with holidays, we have been busy battling Adrianna's sicknesses. She has had a few viruses and has gotten some pretty bad fevers from them. She also had another ear infection, which meant it was time for her to see an ENT. Her pediatrician says they will likely put tubes in her ear, which is a little scary. She has been trying to cut a few teeth in the last few months, we counted 6 total yesterday. Those include 2 molars. I am a believer that cutting molars causes ear infections, but I know that she is more prone to them especially if she has a runny nose.

Her eating habits are typical of a toddler now. She is a big breakfast eater then she grazes throughout the day. I always try to offer as complete a meal as I can for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I sit with her for each of those meals but it is almost guaranteed that she will eat all her breakfast, barely touch lunch (unless I make Chef Boyardee....sigh) and unless it is pasta will barely touch dinner. On a good day she does eat at every one of these meals but she has more "bad" days than good. I know this is typical for the age but I still worry about her weight. We give her pediasure in order to add extra calories in her diet which seems to help somewhat. I don't stress over it anymore. She is healthy and growing at her own pace and that makes me happy. I still can't believe she is 18 months! This is seriously the most fun age! Although we do miss her infant days.....some of us are even crazy enough to think we can do this again!.....the thought does cross my mind. Do we enjoy her as an only child for a little while longer or just go ahead and have another? That is the question, and I don't have a clear answer yet. Maybe when she's 2....