Saturday, August 25, 2012

Life has been good...

Lately I can't help but feel so content with our
Life. I am just in a spot, finally, where I can feel an emotion other than sadness. I think being around family definitely did the trick. Since joe got back from
Deployment last month we have been with his parents, my teenage cousin( who spent a month helping me with Adrianna) and with my whole extended family in Miami. It really makes me think about how much I would miss every single person if something ever happened to them. I know that people grow old and eventually pass away but if I could freeze time I would freeze it right here, right now. The mix of age groups in my family is perfect. Everyone can enjoy being out bowling together as well as sharing stories and laughing in the livingroom. We have been traveling to Miami and were here for 10 days to celebrate my grandparents 50 year wedding anniversary. I am not sure if it is because I don't see them often but this trip I saw them and noticed just how much older they look. My grandfather gets very sleepy often, my grandmother wears her wrinkles beautifully because she looked fantantastic that night. It makes me almost cry when I think about who will be around and who will not be around to, say, celebrate Adrianna's sweet 16, watch her graduate high school and college, get married or have kids of her own. Even scarier, who will Not be around to meet my future children or those of my brothers. Makes me sad to think about. I guess all we can do is enjoy every moment we can with our loved ones. Sure it seems a cliche thing to say but it is the best i have right now. This trip was about togetherness, nostalgia and love. Adrianna will hopefully have many moments like these to share with them...all of them. Life really is too short.