Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Excuse me while I hold my breath for a month...

Adrianna and I have had a blast in Tampa. We went to Busch Gardens, the beach, the pool in our apartment complex, Disney World twice and Adrianna even got to go to Gymboree a few times. I needed to occupy her and get her some socialization while we were here so I signed her up for one month of Gymboree classes and she loved it! We plan on sticking with Little Gym when we get back to Massachusetts but I really enjoyed this class. The teachers make all the difference and ours was amazing! We met some of Joe's coworkers while in Tampa and we have had a few outings together which have been fun. Everyone here is so nice, not just his coworkers but EVERYONE! I am a northerner myself, New Yorker to be exact, and I know we have a stigma for being rude. I always notice it when we go down south and I have to say I love southern hospitality! Even though Tampa isn't really "the south" but it is geographically south. I love being around genuinely nice people that hold doors open for you, say "have a blessed day" at the base gate, wave even if they don't know you...yea Massachusetts does not have many people like that. Even at the McDonald's drive thru I felt the love. Why can't we all just be nice?? I have to say I will definitly miss this place. I love south Tampa, we hope someday this will be our forever home. Preferably a home overlooking the bay on Bayshore Dr, too much to ask? I hope we can make our dream reality someday but for now I have to say goodbye. Joe leaves for the "big desert" sometime next weekend so Adrianna and I have to say goodbye to him until July :( We plan on distracting ourselves with a visit to Miami to see aunts, uncles and my grandparents but I know I will not stop thinking about his safety every single day until he is back home safe and sound. I am nervous, Joe doesn't seem to be nervous at all. He is a little excited in fact. I know he will be ok, just please join me in praying for him and taking a minute to pray for all those families whose husbands/wives/significant others don't come home. Freedom is most definitely not free.

In the mean time, I will try and enjoy myself. My family is looking forward to spending quality time with Adrianna. She turned 22 months last week. She is almost the big 2! When did this happen?! She can now fully feed herself, say her name when asked, pull her pants up and down and take her shirt and diaper off with no help. Potty training time, I think so! Last week she was babbling away with a complete stranger while we were waiting on line at a ride at Disney. She then stops, points to her butt and says POOP, EWW! She pooped, and had to include it in her conversation. She is hilarious! Always making us laugh.

We will miss you Tampa, it has been fun. The great restaurants, the beautiful Clearwater Beach, the close proximity to Disney, we will miss it all. We had a great month of enjoying each other's company and the company of friends new and old. Our trip back to our first base assignment in Warner Robins, GA was so fun and it was even better to see familiar faces in a never changing familiar town. I had the pleasure of meeting up with an old coworker while her family was vacationing here and we spent a very fun filled day at the beach. Did I mention the beach? I feel like I will miss these gorgeous beaches the most of all. So off to Miami Adrianna and I go, more adventures are sure to be had....all with the anticipation of returning back home and greeting Joe at the airport and slowly reverting back to our normal lives at Happy Hanscom, it is a happy place after all.

Oh and one thing I will not miss about this area, Tampa Bay Rays baseball....the Yankees are the best team in baseball and I don't know that I can go from living in Red Sox nation to Rays nation ;)

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