Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunday I'm in Love

Our first week with Joe in Tampa has been amazing! Adrianna and I got here last Saturday. Our flight was at 6am! Guess Joe couldn't wait all day to see his girls :) We got to Tampa a little after 9am, and started off our weekend with a trip to Waffle House (not as good as the ones in GA) and Busch Gardens. Adrianna had a blast walking around and seeing all of the animals. She even got to go on a kiddie ride all by herself, no adults allowed! (see video above) I was a little skeptical, but she had so much fun on it....she is such a big girl. We spent Sunday relaxing and just enjoying each others company, we missed Joe so much. The work week came way to soon and Joe was off to work his long 12 hour days while Adrianna and I tried to manage to keep ourselves entertained. We don't have a car because Joe needs his rental so thank goodness for a Target, Starbucks and Bayshore Blvd (long walking bridge along the water) within walking distance otherwise we would be very bored. The days flew by and we had a good first week here. Friday Joe got out of work super early and we headed to have early dinner and drinks at Bahama Breeze in Clearwater, FL. I remember going to this restaurant when my aunt lived in Tampa and it is still the best little hangout. Joe let me have one too many glasses of wine, we had a great time. Saturday we went to an Easter egg hunt at the University of South Florida. I have to say, that is the most beautiful college campus I have ever seen! They held an awesome event for the kids and Adrianna got her fair share of Easter eggs. We ended up, last minute, deciding to take a trip to Orlando to meet up with my aunt and uncle who were at Disney World. We didn't take Adrianna to the parks but we plan to in the next few weeks because she was so excited to see Disney and Mickey...she kept screaming that every time we passed a sign or picture, which is a lot when in Orlando :) Sunday was Easter and we had a wonderful dinner with some of Joe's co workers and even an old friend from Hanscom. All in all we have had the best week ever! Yesterday I realized how much I love this area and Joe and I were talking up plans to be here for our next PCS. Even if we don't end up in Tampa, Florida in general would be great. We talked possible house purchasing even...let's hope all works out. Here are some pictures from this week:

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  1. We are so happy that your are enjoying your life with the most precious treasure, you beautiful daughter, and your lovely husband. Congratulations!!! We love you all!!!!!!
    Mom & Dad