Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yearly trip to Vermont

Every year, Joe and I take a trip with Joe's aunt to Smuggaler's Notch Ski Resort in Vermont. This year was as great as every other year we have made the trip...only Adrianna got to enjoy it so much more. I am so sad I didn't really take many pictures because this pregnancy has knocked me on my a**! Everyone would leave in the morning to ski while Adrianna and I stayed behind eating breakfast, coloring and hanging out until about noon when Joe would return. Once he was back all bets were off, I was napping! It felt great to get a break and be able to nap during the day since I def don't get a chance to do that this pregnancy having a very active toddler. I was very appreciative of my chance to relax. At around 3 Joe and I would take Adrianna to the Fun Zone, full of bouncy castles and all sorts of toys to play with. Adrianna is usually terrified of the bouncy castle but this time she was not afraid at all and even went in all by herself! So proud of her. Although unseasonably warm, Joe said the skiing was pretty good....I am sad I didn't get a chance to try it this year. Last year I took my first ski lesson and it was fun, hard but fun.

Coming out of the bouncy castle maze all by herself!

The trip coincided with Valentine's day, which was fun to spend as a group. Joe and I had already exchanged gifts and we don't usually go out for dinner because of the long wait times at restaurants. Typically I cook a nice dinner at home, usually a recipe I have never tried before, and we enjoy at home. We did go out to eat as a group and Adrianna had the most adorable outfit on!

My sweet little Valentine

His aunt has friends that own a barn very close to Smuggs called LaJoie Stables, they run sleigh rides and horseback riding among other activities during the season and Adrianna was able to ride on a pony! 

She loved it!

We also got a chance to visit the Ben and Jerry's factory, for the thousandth time :) It is always a stop for us when we go to VT. It did not disappoint!

We just enjoyed ourselves to the fullest, and I mean fullest because Joe's aunt is a fantastic cook! ;) We look forward to next year when Adrianna will be old enough to get her first ski lesson!

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