Monday, February 6, 2012

Our slightly bumpy road to exciting news...

I found out on December 12th that I was pregnant! I was so happy, but had to keep the news to myself because Joe was out of town at the time. I noticed I was spotting a bit but I thought nothing of it since I did spot throughout my pregnancy with Adrianna. A few hours after discovering that we were expecting I knew something wasn't right. I just didn't feel right. My whole body was aching, as if I had the flu. The spotting turned a little bit I was worried. I decided the next day I would go to the med clinic on base and get a blood test done. For whatever reason at this base in order for Tricare to jump start prenatal care you need to test positive for pregnancy at the med clinic first otherwise you cannot be seen by an OB. I went to the clinic and did my test and awaited the results. The next day I got a phone call stating that the test was negative. I had taken 2 tests that morning because I was still feeling sickly and achy so I wanted to be sure I was still pregnant. Those came back positive yet the blood test came back negative. It was very strange. The morning that I recieved the negative blood test I was still spotting. Later on that day I decided it was best to schedule an appointment to see my PCM because I was starting to get scared. If I were pregnant, I would only be about 5 weeks along at that point.....very early. My PCM examined me and had me do another blood test and also had me do a quantitative blood test (that is the kind that measures the levels of hCG in your blood, the kind they do in an OB office). Late that night, around 6pm or so I recieved a phone call from my PCM. PCM's never call you personally, that freaked me out. She told me that initially, the qualitative blood test (the one that just draws a positive or negative, much like a home pregnancy test) came back negative but when rechecked after 5 minutes it was positive. She asked me how I was feeling and I told her I felt like I had a severe flu. I was not feverish but my muscled ached. I did not have any cramping however so she couldn't tell me whether or not I was really miscarrying. The next morning we were due out to Colorado Springs for Joe's graduation ceremony. I woke up that morning knowing I was not pregnant anymore. I just felt if something detached from within. Sure enough, I miscarried that morning....this is TMI but I just started what seemed to be a normal period. This was devastating to me, to us. I never thought it would happen to me, which is strange because I know how common it is especially so early in pregnancy. I told Joe, he comforted me and told me it was going to be ok. we headed off on our mini vacation, all the while I kept thinking "yep, I am currently miscarrying in an airport. Am I the only one here going through something like this? Why is this happening?" We ended up having a fantastic time out in Colorado. We met up with an old friend from WR who graciously let us stay in his home while he left to visit family and we also met up with a very good friend of mine from HS with whom we shared an afternoon full of good food and good beer. We had the holidays to look forward to, my distraction from my "issue." I didn't think I would be so sad, but I kept thinking about Adrianna and how I found out I was pregnant with her when I was only about 4 weeks along. Pregnancy is a miracle, it is difficult to wrap your head around how many bad things can happen and it is a wonder how most of the time a perfectly healthy child is the outcome. I was grateful and ready to move on. We decided we would try again after the holidays.

January 5th comes around, the date I am suppose to begin my period. Pregnancy test, positive! We are expecting again! Oops, so much for "after the holidays" ;) I found out when I was about 4 weeks along....estimated due date of September 19th! We are just beaming with excitment! I cannot wait to experience all of this again and to hold my new baby in my arms. This makes me love Adrianna even more, I get to give her a sibling! She is just going to love being a big sister. We are talking about the baby a lot with her. I know she is still young and may not understand, but she understands more than we think she does. We have lots of baby dolls to practice on and as I grow bigger I hope she feels a bond with my belly. It will be so special to share pregnancy with her, and challenging as well. I hope she naps well in the afternoons because if I plan things correctly I will get a nap in as well! So it's official folks, we are expecting our second child!!!! Am I crazy enough to do this all again? It wasn't so bad..... :)

Ps. I had a much cuter way to announce our pregnancy planned out but we just couldn't wait much longer to share with everyone :)

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