Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who needs sleep...oh yea, me =/

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It's not that I thought when having a baby I would be able to get the same amount of rest I used to get, it's that no sleep paired with "mommy brain" is a dangerous combination for me apparently. There are lots of things I learned about babies in the last 8 months. I had been around babies all my life but had never been responsible for one, and let me just tell you that when you think you know it all is exactly when you are tested beyond your so called "knowledge."

List of things that I did NOT know about babies:

  • They do not poop everyday, but when they do boy do they make up for it
  • Some babies are spitty. My baby, if not bottle fed while sitting and having her at a slight angle, will spit up all 6oz of milk she just drank... every time...
  • The amount of laundry that is produced by these little guys is unimaginable! 
  • Baby heads are not durable. You bonk their head on the side of the sink, they don't cry and you think "Oh that was nothing".....think again (long story...)
  • I know they outgrow clothing, but my child was wearing 6 month size one day and literally the next outgrew EVERYTHING!
  • About growing, they really grow fast. It is amazing how much and how quickly they change
  • Their cry will make your mind all fuzzy. When my baby cries and cries while I am trying to prepare her bottle I will be guaranteed screw up the oz to scoop ratio about a hundred times....I've wasted more powder that way =/
With all that said, being sleep deprived is the most shocking of the things I did not know. I knew I would be sleep deprived, tired, all the good stuff that comes with having a baby but I never thought that it was dangerous. How you ask? Only I manage to do seemingly stupid things with little to no sleep. Adrianna has been sleeping through the night since she was 2 months old. Within the last couple of weeks she has decided to wake up every hour starting at about 2am all the way to 7am then sleep until 7:30am and be up and ready for her day. I have been trying to re-learn the feelings of sleeplessness, but the tricky part is that more is expected of me now with little sleep than was expected of me when Adrianna was a newborn. OK, feel free to laugh...or not because what I am about to say was NOT funny at the moment it happened.
There are three major "stupid" sleep deprived things I have done.

The first was when Adrianna was about 6 months old. We were visiting our family in NY and were sleeping over Joe's parent's house. I had to be up the next morning fairly early in order to have Adrianna fed and ready to be driven to my parent's house so Joe and I could do some after Christmas shopping. That night Adrianna decided sleep was not what she wanted to do so I had to keep getting up to rock her, change her, feed her until she finally fell asleep around 6am. Joe woke up at 7am and decided to take Adrianna into the living room and let me get ready to go out. I thought he said "I'll have my mom feed her." He really said "we'll have YOUR mom feed her." 7:30am we drop her off at my parents....not fed but I didn't know that. My mom calls around 10:30am to tell me that Adrianna has been crying hysterically and they have tried everything to calm her down. At the time she was eating every 4 hrs so I told her we were on our way home so they should go ahead and prepare her to eat in a few minutes. Joe heard me say "well she at around 7 so she should be getting hungry by now" and yelled out, "She didn't eat at 7!" I starved my child, her first meal of the day did not happen until almost 11am that day....I felt like a total failure. I laugh now but boy did I cry that day. Not so bad, right? I've done worse
2 night ago Adrianna also decided she would wake up every hour from 2-7am. I was exhausted the rest of the day. I could barely go up and down the stairs, stand upright, or function. I managed to make dinner and get Adrianna to bed around 9pm. Joe and I decided to head to bed early, while upstairs I asked him to get me a glass of water. He goes and grabs me a glass of water and comes back up with a horrified look on his face. He tells me I left the stove on! ON! I LEFT THE STOVE ON! WITH AN OVEN MIT NEXT TO THE FIRE! A GAS STOVE ON! If he wouldn't have gone to get me water....I shudder at the thought of what could have happened. I cleaned the whole kitchen after dinner that night, including the stove and did not see it on....that's how tired I was. This was not funny at all actually....but today I did much worse.
Again, working on 2 hrs of sleep, I woke up and got Adrianna and I started with our day. We were so excited about going to our first Little Gym class today, which she absolutely loved! Afterwards we headed to Target to buy some more Pj's for my growing little girl. I have a mini-van...'10 Dodge Caravan with automatic sliding doors, duel DVD players, all that good stuff. I take Adrianna out of the car, put her in the stroller, close the door and proceed to walk into Target. An hour later we are done and are walking out to the car. As  I get closer I can't believe what I am seeing....I left the door wide open! I can't believe I left my car door wide open with an expensive car seat, my wallet (I only carry my debit/credit card in the diaper bag because my wallet is too bulky) my coat and money all out in the open...up for grabs. Not to mention any crazy murderer or car thief could have snuck into my car and waited for us to return....I shudder at that thought. Luckily that didn't happen, and all of my things were still in the car when we returned.

Moral of this story, sleep deprivation is dangerous. Or maybe it's just me...oy!

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