Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The snow is gone!

Being home with Adrianna has been wonderful, but it does get pretty boring sometimes. It didn't help that the bulk of my time home with her I have been forced to stay indoors because of the immense amount of snow and bitter cold temps.

This was pretty much what we saw all winter

We did do some light traveling and tried to go out at least once a week to a restaurant or even to walk around at the mall. It just wasn't enough. During the day I would go crazy! I cleaned the same things about a hundred times, tried to do some organizing, and even decided to learn how to bake. It was pretty rough. Even going to the grocery store was hard....lets just say that having Adrianna in the car seat on top of the shopping cart did not work, I couldn't see over the damn thing! Being short stinks sometimes! 
Now that the temp are warming up, its in the 40s now vs the teens, I am trying to find some baby friendly activities to do during the day. I signed Adrianna up for Little Gym classes. We went last week and she had a blast! Singing, crawling, playing with bubbles and exploring....what a cute little class. She is in the "bugs" class which is the 4-10month age range. It's nice to be with other moms with babies of a similar age. You always wonder if you are the only one going through some of the unexpected trials that come with having a baby but when you talk to other moms it just makes you feel good that you share similar experiences. I even like to compare Adrianna to the other children to see where she is developmentally. I know i know, every baby is different, but I have to say Adrianna is right there with her peers on every aspect of much as I could observe in a 45 minute period. That made me feel so at ease, Adrianna is not behind at all! In fact, she may even be a little ahead of the game in certain areas like crawling and walking which is awesome for her (but now the real work begins, yikes!) 

Now that Adrianna can sit in a shopping cart all by herself
I can actually do big food shopping during the day. May not sound fun, but for me it just gets us out! Her being able to sit makes it easier to go to the mall on our own and clothes shop, I love baby clothes! It helps that Adrianna is a ridiculously easy going baby. She never fusses or complains when we are out together. It's nice that her and I can go out and spend the day together...outside! I am so looking forward to taking her to the park, she's going to love the swings! My goal for the next few months, to be more active during the day! No more hanging around at home, this baby weight needs to melt off somehow! 

Poor Adrianna has been teething pretty badly in the last few weeks. Nothing has cut through yet but her little gums are so swollen. She had a terrible diaper rash over the weekend that is just now getting better. I don't know why all teething babies get diaper rashes, can someone explain that to me? Anyway, months ago I was looking though a friend's pictures on facebook and I saw that she used something called "teething biscuits" for her teething baby. I asked her about it because I had never heard of them. My mother was a teething tablet kinda mom so that is what I remember my youngest brother getting when he was teething (I used to steal some from the bottle and eat it because it tasted like sugar...not sure how safe that was) Well my friend said she swore by teething biscuits so off I went this past weekend to find them. Target had them, a little pricey but if it gets her (and me) some relief I'll pay any price! I gave them to her on Monday and she loved them! Note to self: these damn biscuit things are messy as hell! Next time I gave them to her in her highchair...I learned my lesson the hard way. Here are some super cute pictures of her from today...lets say she needed a bath right after....I can't take the stickiness!

 I love her! In the last picture she was trying to escape...ha! Bath time is always a mess, she doesn't sit still!

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