Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Lose Count

Yep, it has gotten to that point in Adrianna's age that I actually lose count of how many "months" old she is. It is a little sad that she has reached this point but I am loving every moment of this fun and stressful age.

Adrianna speaks full sentences even clearer now. She has said things like "I can't reach it" and "I don't like this" and it is always catching me off guard when I hear it. She uses her pronouns pretty well for a 2 year old, I must say. She addresses herself as "I" and uses it in the correct tense....most times. I am so proud of how smart she is. She even reads! Not really, but she has memorized several books enough to open them and start "reading" them. When she comes to a page she doesn't know, she will make up a story according to what pictures she sees on the page. It is actually fascinating to watch! She loves to watch anything on PBS now, especially Super Why...I can't stand that show but hey, it is whatever she likes! Her favorite is stil Mickey Mouse Clubhouse though, she loves her Mickey and her Disney. She loves almost all Disney movies too, she watched The Great Mouse Detective the other day and loved it! She is definitely my child :)

This month is an exciting month for the Dolce's. We are soon going to find out where the Air Force is moving us to next. As of right now, Joe has heard back from a job in Los Angeles and he definitely has a job offer from them. He is awaiting a response from a job in Washington DC that he really hopes he gets, it is very selective and would look fantastic on his record if he does get it. We are playing the waiting game, but know that if DC fails the Dolce's are headed to the west coast for sure! I can't wait to find out. We are anxious to move, although we love the area and being close to family we are ready for a change. For me, personally, there are a lot of good memories as well as some pretty horrible ones here. I could use a change of scenery.

As for our baby news, whether there is good news or not Joe and I have decided we would rather wait to share any news (good or bad) until we have more information. I have not seen my new OB yet, but she has been in contact with me and we have a few things in the works. Hopefully all test results will have come back soon and we will have more answers towards our next step in growing our family. As for now, please say prayers for us, I so badly want to give Adrianna a healthy little brother or sister that I will do almost anything to make it possible.

Halloween is tomorrow, I can't believe this will be Adrianna's 3rd Halloween! She will be Rapunzel this year, with the long braided wig and everything! She is so excited she wears her wig around all the time! She has been practicing how to say "trick or treat" and it has to be the cutest thing I have ever heard her say. She LOVES candy lately...what kid doesn't! Should be fun! I probably won't blog for a few weeks, at least until I hear more news about our baby journey, we will see.

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  1. I hope you guys get DC! I think it's the best city area to be in as a military family :)