Tuesday, July 31, 2012

On a Happier Note...

Adrianna is TWO YEARS OLD! I just had her, it is unbelievable that she has been in this world for two whole years already! She is such a funny toddler, always making herself the center of attention with her funny antics. For some reason I am drawing a blank on the funny things she does, maybe I should start writing them down so I don't forget :) We celebrated her birthday three times this year! Since all of our family could not be together at the same time we split up her parties into each separate family and then one here with us and her little friends....one that she would enjoy doing her favorite thing, playing at Little Gym.

In Miami we had a Tangled themed birthday party, it was adorable! We had gone shopping for some decorations and I had her pick out her own theme, she picked Toy Story which was so not girly enough for me, ha! Then she picked Cars...what am I going to do with this girl! I then narrowed down a few girly themes and she picked Tangled. I know that doing a Toy Story or Cars theme for a girl is no big deal but I wanted something girly gosh darnit! maybe next year I will let her pick out her own theme no matter what it is. We even got a pinata for her. 

Even her kitty got in on some of the action!

 That was probably the highlight of her party for her. We both had fun being able to share her birthday with family that we hardly ever get to see, it was very special. 

My princess blowing out her candles
I think she loved the bouncy house!
When we got back to MA, we planned a big Little Gym birthday bash for her and a few of her little friends. We wish we could have invited every single one of her friends but that would have been very expensive! Do you know how hard it is to narrow down a list of kids to invite when you don't want to exclude anyone? Very hard! But I think we got a good bunch and it was the perfect amount of kids to avoid tantrums, exhaustion and to just plain have a great time

By the door ready to leave!

She just loves her "Joe" so much!
We picked an Olivia the Pig theme for this birthday, another of her favorites. I found the cutest outfit on Etsy for her to wear, and it turned out adorable! I have to say this is one of the best birthday parties I have ever been to, no not because I threw it but because it was so easy and stress free!

Her cake!

The spread

I think she was happy to be at her favorite place

I made some Mac n Cheese in individual cups and some home made fruit cups as well. I didn't want to do the typical pizza and ice cream to feed her and her friends, plus she isn't a big pizza fan. I wanted to incorporate Independence in eating so I made something the kids could eat all by themselves. I also made yummy finger sandwiches for the parents. The cake and cupcakes were delicious too! It was strawberry cake with strawberry filling and the cupcakes were yellow cake. Adrianna loved it and so did everyone else! It was a successful party.

Joe's parents and his family threw Adrianna a party in NY. Joe's brother, Paul, and his wife were in town from FL with their newborn so it was very special. Adrianna enjoyed lots of hugs and laughs with them. She loved her baby cousin too! I am so sad that I couldn't take any pictures because I forgot my camera :( I got one of her blowing out her candles though!

Cassata cake! (Cannoli cream cake)
Her cake was delicious and was made by the infamous Mike's Pastry here in Boston's North End. So yummy! We got to spend 10 whole days with my inlaws at their upstate house which was just perfect.

Walking her doggy down the country road
She had a fantastic birthday month and we spent it with the people that mean the most to us! Here are a few more pictures of the fun we have had:

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