Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My favorite time of year

It is finally fall in New England! I love this time of year, the pumpkin and apple picking, crisp fall nights, hoodie whether, leaves changing and MY BIRTHDAY! I'm hoping to make it a good one this year, since next year there may possibly be an addition to our growing family.....and no I am not pregnant yet. I plan on having a few drinks with some good friends and just enjoying the beginning of my 26th year. I have plenty to be thankful for. Sometimes I can hardly believe that this time last year I was cuddling with a 3 month old baby wondering if I would ever GET how to be a mom, at least a good one. I had so many questions, so many anxieties, and I was very self conscious of my mothering style. I can say now that, although I still have lots to learn, that I am so comfortable where I am as far as mothering my wonderful baby girl stands. I feel like I have her nap schedule down, her eating finally figured out, and I understand her moods; good and bad. She goes to the doctor next week for her 15 MONTH CHECKUP! 15 months....still sounds very strange to say that. I have been following other blogs where they will post a list of the new things and changes their babies have gone through every month like their height, weight, favorite food, nap schedule, favorite book, favorite song etc so I will post something similar next week.
Adrianna started up her Little Gym classes again in the beginning of September and she is so independent! She loves to sing the welcome and goodbye song with the bells and loves the bubbles. Apparently she does really well on the high bar and low beams....she has very good balance and upper body strength. She hangs on the high bar like a monkey! Which is funny because that is her signature "animal." She has monkeys in her nursery decorations, clothing (carters has the cutest monkey line) and even hair clips. It suits her, although I have gotten rude remarks about why I call her a monkey (some people just need to relax with their opinions)! Little Gym is really teaching her how to play with other children well and how to feel comfortable playing away from me, away from her comfort zone. She goes off and explores all of the equipment and doesn't even look back to see if I am behind her. She has even learned sign language! I have been working with her on using sign language to be able to communicate what she wants instead of getting frustrated. She can sign gym, all done, more, please, thank you, and milk. All very important in her life right now :) I am just so proud of how much she is learning and how quickly she can pick things up. Today she was watching Little Einsteins and was copying all of the movements like patting her knees when they do and saying blast off (well she just screams but I'm sure she thinks she is saying it) and it is so cute. Her newest love, Fresh Beat Band. She dances to their songs and tries to sing. It is so cute! Maybe she will be a gymnast and/or singer when she grows up :) No rush!
 Here are some recent pics of Adrianna:

Her princess wand

Doing what she does best, PLAY

Opening and closing the gate door

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