Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oops I did it again...

Joe and I traveled with Adrianna for the first time on a plane! We went to Ohio to see my brother-in-law graduate with his masters degree from AFIT (Air Force Institute of Technology). I have no idea what his degree is or what it means. I tried reading his thesis, I didn't know most of the words he used existed in the English language...I know it has something to do with electrical engineering but that's as far as it goes.

Well, I was so surprised at how prepared I was for this trip. I had everything I needed packed for Adrianna; bottles, diapers, wipes, food, you name it I had it! I even neatly packed the diaper bag with a change of clothes and toys for the plane. We got to the airport 2 hours early so we decided to eat breakfast and feed Adrianna. We had an hour to kill after that so we took her to the kids play area and she had a blast! She loves the slide. We boarded the plane, had a nice woman help us with closing the stroller and checking it plane side and found our seats. The flight attendant was saying that she couldn't believe how good Adrianna was doing so far, I couldn't believe it either but to be honest Adrianna is always so good in situations like this. She causes me as little stress as possible. Any stress I may be feeling is usually my own fault. Cabin door is shut, we are taking off and they are now doing beverage service on the plane. I tell Joe we should feed the baby now since it had been about 3 hrs since we last gave her food. I took her bottle out, asked for water to mix her formula and went into the diaper bag to look for the plastic divider I carry that has pre-measured formula. I'm frantically looking for it at this point. Joe keeps asking "where is it, where is it" I yell back I DON'T KNOW! Adrianna is crying hysterically from hunger....I'm panicking....then it hits me. I left the stupid formula on the table in the restaurant where we ate breakfast! What is wrong with me and my brain lately?!

Hoping to solve the hunger issue I let Adrianna drink 7 oz of water....don't judge me...and she ate a biscoff cookie (those yummy biscuit cookies they give out on Delta flights). I guess she was satisfied because she ended up falling asleep during the flight. It didn't help that the 2 hour flight ended up being close to 3 hours because of a massive storm in Ohio. The plane ride was so bumpy and I was so stressed and worried about the lack of food in my child's belly that I almost got sick! She ended up eating around 5:30pm. She at rice cereal at 10:30, drank 7 oz of water at 2:30 and ate her regular food at 5:30. What is it with me and starving my child? I laugh at all of this now, but trust me I did NOT think it was funny at the time. Ahh the adventures of mommyhood....I have plenty of stories to tell her when she gets older.

The graduation was great btw and we got to spend time with my BIL and SIL which was awesome. We also got to see some good friends from our time in GA. They all have babies (well not all but a good bunch of them) and some are even cooking baby #2! I love that we all had kids around the same time, gives us even more in common. Good laughs, good times.
I made sure to not forget Adrianna's formula on the flight back, she did great on this trip. Such a good baby....we are the luckiest parents in the world =)

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