Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have an 8 month old!

Who stole my newborn and gave me a big girl?! Time has just flown by. People always told me that Adrianna would grow up quickly but she has grown faster than I thought. In the last few months she has learned how to sit up on her own, crawl, and even walk a little. She says "mama" and "gaga" and "baba" and it is like music to my ears! Over the weekend we bought her a dinosaur push toy thing which she can use to practice walking and she is so in love! It's like she is an expert!

Yes, she is wearing a matching Dino suit :)

Since my last post I have definitely gotten used to being a mother. I feel more confident in my abilities, it helps when my wonderful husband tells me how great of a mother I am :) I have also learned to enjoy my new role as a stay at home mother and wife. I have been practicing my cooking and baking skills and I must say I didn't know I had it in me!

Chocolate brownie heart cookies :)

Joe blames his extra few lbs on my new found love of cooking. It's all about time management. I plan out my menu and cook the same or similar things every week (Pasta Sundays, Soup and chicken cutlet Mondays, Spanish chicken Tuesdays etc) It makes me feel so accomplished. For a while I kept complaining that taking care of Adrianna was not as time consuming or as difficult as I thought it would be so I found myself being bored or feeling lazy. That has all changed now that she is much more active. I am a busy body, I like to keep busy during the day, even if it is staying indoors doing housework. It is starting to get a bit warmer out, meaning staying above freezing finally, so I am started to look forward to being able to take Adrianna to the park and just being able to enjoy sunshine. She is such a bundle of energy I need to find a way for her to get some energy out. I am going to try and research some mommy and me activities that are cheap or free, I was going to join one of those baby gyms but with them being so pricey I want to Really think about it before spending the money.

Over the last few months we have done some traveling, mostly to NY to see family. Most recently we went on a trip to VT to go skiing. Adrianna absolutely LOVED the snow....I wasn't crazy about skiing but at least I can say I tried it.
In the next few weeks we get to visit some old friends and family out in Ohio. It will be Adrianna's first plane trip...oh boy am I nervous. I'm hoping it's not too stressful for her and for me. We're looking forward to seeing Joe's brother Paul graduate from his AFIT Masters program and seeing his wife Brittany which we haven't seen since the holidays. Should be fun to see our good friends from Robins as well, there are some little kiddos Adrianna and I can't wait to meet! Should be fun!

Here are some good recent pics of my baby girl :)

Adrianna at xmas with Santa (5 months)

Mommy and me!

I can hold my own bottle! (6 months)

Standing up in her crib! (6 months)

Daddy was her valentine (7 months)

Enjoying the snow (almost 8 months)

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