Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Going out is so overrated...

Today is my four year wedding anniversary. I never really appreciated the freedom we had in past anniversaries to go out to dinner, watch a movie, and just spend the day together without a care in the world until now. Today was interesting. Instead of going out to dinner for our anniversary I decided I would cook a big dinner and use our fancy china. I didn't take into account that I would have to tend to a cranky, teething, hungry, wanna be held all the time 11 month old...that detail slipped my mind.

I have been in the kitchen from 9:30am-5:30pm (Just like work hours for those that think being a SAHM isn't a job). Blending, cutting, trying to feed a baby, I'm exhausted. But I am so happy with the final outcome! Adrianna was a little difficult, but the way I handled it was to try and include her in some of the cooking, in her case...tasting. She spent most of the day sitting in her highchair with me in the kitchen while I fed her chocolate and apples and bagels and yogurt....anything I could to keep her full and entertained while I cooked. I think she liked watching me, she thought the stand mixer was hysterical...I should have taped it. Somehow I did survive and managed to make a few things that turned out awesome. I made a salad with a homemade ginger dressing (like the kind you get at Japanese Steakhouses), for the main course a Beef and peppers/onions stir-fry and for dessert Milky Way cake (yes like the candy). The main course and dessert recipes I got from suggestion, get to the kitchen and make these immediately they were that good. The cake was ridiculous...the ingredients were a little scary with the amount of candy bars it required but OMG!
Look at the ooey gooeyness of the batter! 
See, she approves 

Joe was very pleased with the meal. I loved to see him enjoy every bite! I even took time to make the plate look nice
I have plenty of leftovers...yum!

Here are some pictures of the cake
Before baking 
It's a wonder half the cake wasn't gone already

So all in all, we had a great anniversary! Happy mommy, full daddy, and Adrianna's face pretty much sums up her mood all day! I'm guessing next year will be even more interesting...
Yes, this is what a sleep deprived full time mommy looks like

Happy hubby (He's tired too) ;-)

Yes, she is always this cute!

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  1. Man that looks good, especially the stirfry! I'm glad that you're tackling your baking qualms more and more too! Props for a tasty looking dinner and doing it all with a baby. (I can't wait for my first anniversary, just hope mikey is in the country for it!)